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The Flash The Flash Banger 777

  • Rechargable battery
  • Bluetooth
  • Wired mic included
  • Wireless mic included
  • 400 WATTS 400 MAX WATTS

Who's taking the party? You bring the party!
There was a FLASH and then a BANG and then the FLASHBANGER arose
Powerful 8” subwoofer supported by a full-range bright tweeter XXX WATTS
Combined with a colorful atmospheric LED-RING light show, power and party come together.

The applications are finally here and the possibilities seem endless with this on-the-go party speaker!
Festive Beats, Clear Sounds, Portable, Compact, Powerful ALL IN ONE! The N-gear FLASHBANGER does what it's supposed to do and can do even more.
Supplied microphones and a possibility to plug in an instrument, but it is THE SPEAKER for a wonderful party.

Set up the speakers!
The EQ button allows you to choose the mode that best suits THE PARTY.
Do you want to exercise? make it loud
Do you want to chill? Turn it down
Do you want to party? Turn on the bass mode!

Sing together! Swing away with the wireless microphone and be supported with the additionally supplied microphone from N-gear up to 5 meters +

The LED-RING spins and spins around with surprising colors and makes it striking.

tablet holder
At the top of the speaker, it is possible to place a tablet or telephone.
This makes karaoke or watching a movie extra fun and easy.

Tough, stylish and functional
but also ROBUST and LIGHT. This makes it extra fun to take with you or put it down.
Put it down, hang it up, lay it on its side or hold it!


Pick it up, take it to your room, boat, gym or office.

Various playback options.

- BLUETOOTH – Wireless via almost all streaming services

- USB – all hits on a stick

- AUX – connect it to the TV or TABLET

- SD – micro SD with pre-programmed sing-alongs.


Control the sound and echo

Fully operable top, adjust the music to the moment
DJ style sliding volume control. With iconic N-gear logo



Let two play together with TWS functionality.
More sound, more bangers!

Built-in battery
The included charging cable allows you to use almost any USB port for charging.
The 5V to USB cable is included and can give power to your FLASHBANGER

bass port
The back of the speaker is equipped with a bass port, so the speaker offers even more sound for your banger and flashy hits!

What's in the box?

- instructions

- supplied microphone with wire

- supplied wireless mic (battery operated)

- remote control (full control over the speaker)

- AUX cable plug into the speaker.


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