FLASH 1205 Voice Prompt Volume

The voice prompt volume level of the N-GEAR FLASH 1205 can be turned down with a firmware update.

How can you do this? Follow these steps:

1) Download the firmware update file - click here to download >> (use the right mouse button and choose for save link as)
2) Copy the file JX6926.upd to an empty USB stick
3) Turn on the N-GEAR FLASH 1205 and make sure the battery is at least 50% charged.
4) Insert the USB stick containing only the file JX6926.upd into the USB port of the N-GEAR FLASH 1205 (the speaker makes a sound and the LCD display shows that something is happening).
5) Wait about 10 seconds for the Flash 1205 to reboot.
6) After the speaker has completely started up again, turn it off this week
7) Now remove the USB stick from the USB port

The firmware update has been completed.

If nothing happens after step 3, use another USB stick. You can test whether the Flash 1205 recognizes the USB stick by, for example, only putting 1 MP3 music file on the stick. If this is played, you can also use the stick for the update.